Caglar Gurcan

Çağlar Gürcan


Caglar Gurcan is a senior level Electrical Engineer. He graduated in 2003 from University of Southern Maine. During his education he worked as a Product and Test Engineer at National Semiconductor Corporation, S. Portland, USA. In 2000 he received a scholarship from IEEE – Computer and Electron Devices Society.

Upon graduation he was hired by National Semiconductor as a Product Engineer. At National, Caglar worked on semiconductor device fabrication, CMOS integrated circuit design and testing.

Since 2006 he has been working actively in geothermal drilling business. Also he is interested in building integrated photovoltaics. He is the exclusive distributor of IST Energy- Gem (micro scale, on-site waste to energy gasification system)




• Published “Automated testing of Solar Cells Fabricated from 200mm Large Test Wafers” paper in IEEE University/Government/Industry Microelectronics Conference Boise, Idaho. – 2003

• Published “Parameter Extraction and Characterization of Silicon Solar Cells” paper in IEEE Symposium Shanghia, China – 2004