Green Building Design and Consultancy

A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

Green buildings are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting occupant health; improving employee productivity; using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and reducing the overall impact to the environment.

With its experienced team EKHO provides design, consultancy and energy simulation services. With this approach of  green project management, EKHO starts and finishes whole green building design process.

Ekho Services

Ekho Services

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)

With its experienced staff, EKHO (BREEAM Assessor, international –Rüksan Tuna) is making green building consultancy to the design teams as well as serving the constructors and subconstructors in preapearing the green materials specification .Together with collaborating engineers, EKHO coordinates the energy modelling simulations and daylight simulations.

To select the most suitable BRE Assessment Scheme, put out the target level, to register the Project to BRE, to collect the documents for the assessment period are the services we undertake.

What is BREEAM?

BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method is a certification system that is used firstly in UK in 1990’s then wide spreadly in all over the world.The scope of the certification system is to set standarts to assess the buildings performance in impact to the environment.
The certificate is given only by BRE (Building Research Establishment-UK),so the certification documents must be preperad by licenced assessors. Assessors areresponsible for each step, from registration to the documentation, from approvals and acknowledments to feedbacks until the certificate is awarded.

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PASSIVHAUS – Building Standard

With Passivhaus friends across Europe and with Passivhaus Institute accredited Certfied Passivhaus Designer; Tugba Salman Gurcan in team EKHO is up-to date with the latest Passivhaus cost-saving technologies and approaches.

Combined with its understanding of the Turkish building industry and experience aligning Passivhaus with Green Buildings, Ekho is the premier practice delivering Passivhaus Design and Consultancy in Turkey.

Ekho Services

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus or ‘Passive House’ is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world with 30,000 buildings realised to date with the majority of those since the turn of the century.

Passivhaus is a ‘standard’ which very specifically sets out how to design and construct a low energy demand building. The strengths of the standard lie in the simplicity of its approach; build a house that has an excellent thermal performance, exceptional airtightness with mechanical ventilation! While a Passivhaus may follow general ‘passive design’ principles, it is also very specific with regards to its fabric efficiencies: the total primary energy demand of a Passivhaus must not exceed 120kWh/m2year and the space heating demand must be maximum 15 kWh/m2year.

The standard was developed in Germany in the early 1990s by Professors Bo Adamson of Sweden and Wolfgang Feist of Germany and the first dwellings in Passivhaus Standard were constructed in Darmstadt in 1991. The Passivhaus standard can be applied not only to residential dwellings but also to commercial, industrial and public buildings. Also it can be applied to any climate in the world and works equally as well in warm climates as it does in more moderate climates.

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